Which Moisturizer for Your Skin Type?

As the winter months roll in it’s time to switch up from your summer routine and keep your skin hydrated and moist during the blistery cold months. So let’s take look at the types of moisturizers to best suit your skin type.

Oily Skin

Yes – Even Oily skin can benefit from moisturizers especially during the winter.  Search for a light, oil-free lotion and if possible with sunscreen to protect against cold and wind.  Additionally, you can include a treatment serum and follow up with a toner.  These products will not only help maintain moisture but ensure you control the oil production.  Products I suggest are Aloette’s Get Hydrated Oil-Free Moisturizer for those combating breakouts/acne, Skin Script’s Light Aloe Moisturizer or Control Corrective’s Oil Free Hydrating Lotion   

Photo by Sebastian Libuda on Pexels.com

Dry Skin

When your skin presents dry patches or becomes sensitive it’s time to double up the protection by changing to a heavier cream for both day and night.  You’ll want to include a serum and use an oil-based cleanser to trap moisture and keep your skin comfortable.  Consider Skin Script’s Hydrating Moisturizer that can be used both day and night, Control Corrective’s Ceramide Daily Cream that strengthens the lipid barrier in order to maintain the skin’s optimum water content or Beauty Society’s Love Thy Face ultra-hydrating moisturizer that can also be used day and night – additionally, you can purchase a refill packet should you run out!

Combination Skin

So your skin is both oily and dry (T-Zone area), you can choose an oil-free moisturizer and add a face oil for the dry areas only but still be sure to wear SPF to protect your skin as well as ensuring to use a  facial toner to balance the oil production in your T-zone areas!

Sensitive Skin

For those with sensitive skin, it’s best to steer clear from moisturizers with any synthetic fragrance, what you want to do is help repair the skin barrier and protect your skin.  From my favorite sensitive skin line is Hale and Hush Vital Lipid Lotion, Saffron Meristem Cream if your skin dry or Hush Hydrate Gel if you’re also dealing with oiliness.  Additionally, check out their SPF which I absolutely love!  No scent and not thick at all!

If you have any further questions about your skin, what products to use for your type or how to purchase any of the products mentioned above send me an email:  skinbyregina@outlook.com

Do You – For You,


Winterize your skin!

I know it’s only October but it doesn’t mean you can’t start early, especially if the temps have been dropping and you’ve already started kicking up the heat in your car.

Even though the heat will give that warm toasty feeling, all that dry air blasting will only make our skin feel parched, cracked, irritated (itchy) leading to painful and some areas inflamed.  The best way to avoid this is to follow these simple steps to ensure you continue to have healthy, hydrated skin!

photography of a woman wearing gray scarf

Photo by Schweepes Lemonade on Pexels.com


Use fragrance-free, gentle cleansers and detergents.  If you suffer from eczema or other skin conditions you want to avoid any product that contains allergens or any other toxic ingredients that would cause flare-ups and irritate your skin any further.

Avoid long hot showers.  It feels great after being out in the cold but higher temps actually will deplete and break down barriers to your skin (lipids).  This will cause your skin to become much drier so instead try to limit your time under 15 minutes using lukewarm water; this even goes for hand washing too!

Lower the temperature inside and invest in a humidifier.   When it’s cold out and we jump into our car or run into the house we crank up the heat, the ideal temperature setting should be between 68 0 72 degrees which should be comfortable and avoid dryness.  On the same token, using a humidifier will keep your skin moist if you happen to have a central air that kicks out hot, blasting heat; so having small humidifiers dispersed in rooms where you spend the most time in (like our bedrooms) will help keep your skin from drying out.

Change your moisturizer and pay attention to your hands.  Using heavier creams, or lotions with an oil-base will keep a barrier between you and cold air.  If you have combination skin or oily skin, stick with your oil-free moisturizer but start using a layering method of a serum for your face.  As for our hands, be sure to lather up with hand creams after hand washing and wear your gloves when you go out!  If possible, invest in dishwashing gloves for washing dishes.

Modify your skincare routine.  A change in weather means switching out products that we normally use in Spring and Summer.  Dry / Normal skin you’ll want to switch to creamy cleansers and richer lotions/night time creams.  Oily Skin you’ll need to adjust your cleanser, minimize the use of toners especially those that contain drying in ingredients fragrances or alcohol.  And don’t forget your lips!  Make sure to apply lip balms (head over to your local organic store versus drugstores) that have natural oil products to keep a barrier from the cold.

Keep applying sunscreen.  Yes, even on overcast, gray winter days, your skin still requires protection from the UV rays that still can diffuse through the clouds and cause damage to your skin.

Hydrate from the inside too.  I won’t say stop drinking coffee, but you’ll want to cut back and opt for caffeine-free hot herbals teas.  Increase your intake of omega-rich foods and keep drinking your water.

Following these basic and simple tips will ensure you continue to maintain healthy skin even in the cold months!

Next blog winter products to use for your skin type.

Short on time? Meet The Minimalist Kit ​from Skin Script Rx!

Hectic life – short on time – want something easy and to the point?  If you’re a person on the go and just need a simple skincare routine meet Skin Script Rx‘s newest skin care kit! The Minimalist Kit is designed for normal to combination skin.

The NEW Minimalist Kit contains all three retail-sized products:

The Charcoal Clay Cleanser will help absorb oil and toxins from the skin with a gentle foamy cleanse without over drying the skin. The Mint Refining Toner will minimize pores and calm the skin. The Light Aloe Moisturizer, even for oily skin, is needed to seal in water to balance surface lipids.


This is kit is particularly great for teens to ensure they have a skincare routine to follow and of course for those who want just simple yet effective skincare routine.

To order your kit, email me:  skinbyregina@outlook.com and we’ll get you on the path to clearer skin!






Why aren’t you exfoliating?

And if you are, how often are you doing so?  I’m finding that this is one step that is either overlooked or over done but is really such an essential part of your skin care regimen.  Your skin will truly benefit if you perform this process correctly and regularly which will result in healthy, glowing skin.

Out with the old and in with the new….skin cells that is.

Old skin sheds naturally but as we age the process tends to be a lot slower than if we were in our 20’s.  As you are reading this your skin is shedding right this very moment all the while a new skin cell is being born.  But those with certain “skin challenges” exfoliation is extremely beneficial.  For example, those with oily skin exfoliate will help keep your pores clear often resulting in breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads or milia which often become breeding grounds for bacteria.    

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 10.32.49 PM

If you have brown spots, post breakout dark marks or hyperpigmentation, exfoliation will help accelerate and promote skin cell growth = healing and fading process.

Those with dry skin will tend to over compensate by using heavy lotions or creams but it does nothing but trap dead skin buildup resulting in dull – lack luster skin.  But when you exfoliate, you will remove the buildup and your skin will look much brighter, smoother and will be able to retain moisture much better.

Those with aging skin – remember as we grow older your skin cells are reproducing at a much slower rate, exfoliating will help stimulate the growth processes, help smooth out the roughness and wrinkles for a much softer, bright and radiant skin!

Finally, exfoliating will allow your treatment products to penetrate effectively!

So I ask do you exfoliate?

Need skin product help or wonder what product is right for your skin?  Message me for a advice and/or product recommendation.





My tips for clearer skin

I’m often complimented on my skin by clients and friends, people are pretty amazed when I say I really don’t do much.  So I figured I share some of my tips for getting clearer skin and in doing so, I’ll be posting in series for the sake of time.


Step 1 – I usually don’t wear a lot of make-up, mainly because I just don’t have the time in the mornings to try when I have a 2-hour commute; if I do, I do my eyes or brows.  But if you are able to have time, ensure that you remove it at the end of the day!  By not removing your make up you leave your skin as a breeding ground for bacteria especially if you have combo or oily skin, then your pores will get clogged causing breakouts.

Don’t be lazy!  Regardless hoe tired you are wash your face before going to bed.  When you lay on your pillow – as you sleep that is when your skin begins to excrete toxins from your skin, in addition to saliva (if you’re one to drool) leads to bacteria / breakouts over time.

So use a make up remover.  I personally switch up between the 2 oil based cleansers:  Aloette’s Essential Cleansing Oil, Dermalogica’s pre-cleanse, or grapeseed oil -with all three I use my hands to massage all over my face then use a damp soft cloth to remove the oil; then follow-up with my cleanser.

Step 2 – You need to exfoliate BUT don’t overdo it AND use the correct exfoliate for your skin type.  I’ve had clients come in and tell me that they either don’t exfoliate, use things like a harsh “scrubber” or clarisonic brush EVERYDAY!  NO!!!  Yes you want to exfoliate regularly BUT at the most twice a day.  Unless your product says it can be used daily stick to two times a week at night.   Exfoliating at night will allow the skin cells to process while you sleep (uninterrupted), your pores will be free from dirt and, dead skin and also your skin will better receive your treatment products.  (In lieu of the Clarisonic try this Lumispa instead!

Step 3 – Take the steps to better eating.  What you put on the inside of your body will directly reflect on your skin.  Check out Pinterest for some clean eating ideas or refer back to my post about this nutritional cleansing I’ve been on.  When you begin to remove all the processed foods and non-nutritional valued foods your body will begin to excrete the toxins through your skin.  Often wonder about the breakouts you get from eating a lot of processed foods/sugar?  That’s because your body cannot break it down so it sits and sits and just begins to brew and as it slowly leaves your skin it causes inflammation to your body which will have an adverse affect to your skin.   Also, drink plenty of water and cut down on the sugary sodas, chai teas, and fruit drink.  Opt instead for adding fresh cut fruits to flavor your drink or try water enhancers.

apple girl

Step 4 – Stop using bar soaps or watching DIY’s on Youtube.  I get it, we all are trying to save a few coins here and there, but don’t be too stingy on your skin.  If you can spend $$ for your nails, name brand clothing and accessories, then please don’t cut corners with your skin.  The largest organ on your body does a lot so take care of it just as you would with your internal organs.  Also, if possible spend $40-50 on a mini facial if you can’t do a full hour once a month or at least quarterly.  They work just as well to have a professional skin specialist clean and treat your skin.  After a facial, whatever products you use – your skin will be able to readily receive!  And lastly…

Step 5 – Moisturize both day and night.  Even oily skin needs to be moisturized in order to balance your skin through the day and while you sleep.  Be mindful that each skin is different so you will need to make sure you’re using the correct one for your skin type. For example, if you have oily / acne prone skin you would look for lotions versus heavy creams at night and oil-free lotions in the morning.  Plus using moisturizers will help keep your skin avoid any skin issues i.e. blemishes, cracked dry skin, a barrier for sensitive skin to encourage skin renewal and reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

Hope you find these tips helpful and feel free to message me if you have any questions or follow me on IG or Facebook!

NOTE:  This blog was supposed to have been completed earlier in the month BUT life happens and well I finally had the chance to sit down and get this done 🙂

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Lose weight without dieting?

We’ve tried all of the latest weight loss products, I’ve done Nutrisystem, BeachBody and HCG…now I’ve seen positive results from them BUT when “life happens” the weight comes back and we struggle to get “back on track”.

I’ve looked at other programs and one company caught my eye – I reviewed the process and yes exercise a great component but what I saw was something different and decided to contact a rep.  She by far wasn’t pushy which is what normally deters a lot of us when you’re just inquiring.  I was taken aback by the initial cost BUT when she visually broke it down, it made sense on how much I would be saving in grocery costs.  So I went for it!

I’m on week 3 and I feel SO MUCH BETTER.  There is no dieting involved, you just make the right choices in the foods you choose – hence a lifestyle change.  I commute into work and it takes it’s toll on me and by midway through the day I’m tired.  But I will have to say with the supplements and support, I found that I wasn’t “as tired” and wasn’t looking for something to snack on to keep me awake (sugar/sweets).  I’ve lost some inches and the scale didn’t move drastically – which I’m ok with.  But my clothes do fit better (that’s what’s important).  I highly encourage you – if you’re looking to make a change in the way you see food and get the word dieting out of your vocabulary, then you need to check out Isagenix!

What is Isagenix?

Each day our bodies absorb unavoidable toxins from our environment that burden our bodies and can cause us to hold excess fat, feel tired, stressed and lethargic. With this in mind, everybody needs to detox and and start with a 30-day cleanse at a deep cellular level. Isagenix is the ultimate nutritional 30 day cleansing system to detox, cleanse and fill your body with the essential nutrients and vitamins.

Our bodies have the natural ability to detox itself of these toxic impurities, however our organs are so overloaded with impurities and overworked which often lead to health problems as the ability for our bodies to detox these toxins and impurities is weakened. The Isagenix detox cleansing system is a deep nutritional cellular cleanse that helps to gently and naturally remove toxins and impurities from the body with the highest quality, no-compromise products and support the body’s natural processes to allow it to function optimally.

A detoxed, cleansed and nourished Isagenix body is stronger, resists illness better, is more efficient and performs at optimal levels. When you balance your body with Isagenix, you experience positive effects on fat loss, cellulite, energy levels, skin appearance, ageing, fatigue, stress, sleep, stamina, cravings, strength, weight management and mental clarity.

Isagenix products contain essential herbs, botanicals, vitamins, nutrients and adaptogens to help keep your body cleansed and nourished.


So in essence is a nutritional cleanse – no harsh laxatives!  Just aloe-based, herbs and botanicals to help support the detoxification process.  Here’s a very good video that explains it better (at 5:45 it goes into the process).


If you’d like to learn more you can check out my Facebook page or message me there!  Here’s to a healthy way of life and not to mention GREAT SKIN!

The One Underrated Skin Tip

Getting your beauty sleep is not just a cliché but a highly truthful recommendation.  Your skin has a sleep schedule that it follows, it guides your body functions to include influencing your skin functions – what to do and when to do it.

Very important skin activities occurs while you sleep: DNA Repair, Fight environmental damage, Reduces the stress hormone cortisol, Increase Hydration &  Promote the production of collagen producing cells.


Night time is when the cells get repaired, energy is replenished, and the detox enzymes go to work. These repair activities happen during the day too, but they peak at night when there is increased blood flow to the skin. (The increased blood flow is due to the nervous system switching from the sympathetic system to the parasympathetic system at night.)  “There’s a lot happening with your skin at night, and sleep enables the body to reverse everyday free radical damage through cellular renewal.” according to Dr. Murad.

For many with a busy lifestyle going to bed “on-time” is not an easy task.  But it’sm ot how long sleep, but how well you sleep.  When you are in REM sleep THAT is when the regeneration and repair process occurs.

If you’re one that has a difficult time falling asleep here are some tips to help:  Try to do something at lease an hour or 30-min before bed that’s relaxing (a warm bath, drinking herbal tea, detach yourself from your electronics – computer/cell phones, read a book, or listen to some relaxing music).

Try not to eat anything heavy before calling it a night, instead something hydrating  like f fruits or water-based veggies (ex: cucumbers or melons).  Or even nuts that are rich in antioxidants and omegas like almonds or walnuts.

Following these tips will help keeping yours skin looking healthy, beautiful and glowing!

Next up … a new cleansing system to help you on a healthier journey.